“Our air seeder used to quit seeding all the time. We replaced everything with Air Seeder Parts stainless steel on both tanks and I’ve never had it happen again. I just love it.”

Dave Sjulestad – Goodridge, MN                                   

“We were so happy with the White CONTINU-RATE Meter Rollers. We set up the drill and when finished had a very small amount left. It was perfect.”

Tom Otto – Crystal, ND

“I appreciate the help you guys have given. When I was able to talk to Daniel it was nice to have answers. He went above and beyond to get the parts that I needed. I just started seeding today and everything is working perfectly.”

Paul Gruninger – Bow Island, Alberta, Canada

“I’ve always been a firm believer that no matter what the brand or color your equipment is, you should run whatever you can get good parts and support for that item. Daniel and Ashley have been some of the best customer service and supporters I have ever came across. Not only in the air seeder/planting industry, but just some of the best customer service I have experienced period.

During the 2021 planting season I had a small issue on a meter housing with fine seeds. Not only did the issue and my concerns get addressed over the phone, but Ashley and Daniel stopped by my place on a Sunday afternoon while vacationing in the Black Hills area and was able to witness and experience firsthand the very issue I was having. I can’t think of any other manufacturers in this industry address a small problem that I was having like these guys did! Daniel and Ashley go above and beyond to help take care of their customers!”

Shawn Barber – Barber Custom Ag, LLC. Owanka, South Dakota

“The reason we chose ASP is they make their products out of stainless steel, and they don’t replicate the problem that’s already present. They find the problem and figure out a solution to fix it/modify it and make it better than OEM.”

“Customer service is hands down the best. Daniel and Ashley go the extra mile every time I call and have questions about products or issues when in the field and most times have a solution to offer that works. They are very open to new ideas if a new issue arises with an OEM part that they don’t have a fix for yet just let them know and they will make a product to fix it. They care about how their product performs and always want feedback to see how its working or if they could make little improvements to make it better, that means they care. At ASP they treat you like family you’re not just another number.”

“I would highly recommend ASP products to anyone that asks about how to fix their issues on their air seeder, they sell quality parts that are better than OEM and stand behind them, ASP is the solution to keep you rolling in the field.”

“I’m very impressed with Air Seeder Parts quality and service, they’ve always been there to answer any questions.”

“I was very happy with how helpful you guys were with the installation, I’m looking forward to putting product into it and see how it all holds up. This cart runs all fertilizer so it will be put to the test!”