Which John Deere Air Carts are your products compatible with?

Air Seeder Parts, LLC products are compatible with 1900, 1910, C650, & C850 John Deere Air Carts.

How are your meter rollers different than John Deere meter rollers?

John Deere meter rollers have a straight flute design. Air Seeder Parts, LLC CONTINU-RATE Meter Roller’s spiraled design provides a steady, continual flow of product, eliminating pulsation.

What seeds are commonly used for each type of Meter Roller?

White – 1-10 lb./acre – Canola and other fine seed and treatments

Yellow – 2-20 lbs./acre – Flax, Canola, Alfalfa, Inoculants

Black – 20-130 lb./acre – Wheat, Durum, Barley, Lentils, Flax, Small Soybeans, Fertilizer

Green – 30-220 lb./acre – Soybeans, Peas, Oats, Fertilizer

Blue – 50-265 lb./acre – Fertilizer, Barley, Oats, Chickpeas, Large Field Peas, Soybeans

Orange – 50-180 lb./acre – Chickpeas, Faba Beans

What are the benefits of using an Air Seeder vs. a Planter?

There are many key differences. Air Seeders make seeding more efficient and accurate than a typical planter.  Air Seeders eliminate the need to till the soil before planting. They are known to handle the toughest of terrain.  Air Seeders will volumetrically meter the product right below each tank, whereas a planter will singulate each seed right above the row.

How are your parts different than John Deere?

The biggest difference between John Deere and Air Seeder Parts, LLC are our Stainless-Steel designs. The first Air Seeder Parts, LLC meter housing – The Boss Meter, was designed with the highest quality stainless-steel to provide lasting durability and prevent corrosion. The original Boss Meter, and the Boss Meter 2.0 have proven themselves in quality and performance.

Besides using stainless-steel, enhancements made to our meter housings include individual shutoffs, half-width disconnects, and double wall design.

When your original John Deere meter housing is corroded and not performing, what do you recommend when a farmer inquires about replacement parts?

When a farmer is ready to replace a corroded meter housing, we recommend they replace 3 parts – the transition, meter housing, and manifold.  In our experience, when the meter housing has issues, the transition and gaskets will have issues due to the elements. This affects the pressurization of your tank, which disturbs the outflow. Best practice is to replace the transition when going through the work and expense of replacing the meter housing.

Transition – Transition Kits (A-TRANS415KIT or A-TRANS550KIT)

Meter Housing – We have 2 meter housing options. The BOSS 2.0 Stainless-Steel Meter Housing is a replacement for John Deere Ground Drive Meter Housings on 1900, 1910, C-650, and C-850 air carts.  The BOSS 2.0 SC Stainless Steel Meter Housing is a replacement for John Deere SectionCommand™ meter housings on 1910, C-650, and C-850 air carts.

Manifold Configuration – Manifolds are available in Single or Double Shoot with 4, 6, or 8 run kits. All components needed for assembly are included with our kits.

How long is a typical installation?

Typically, 2-3 days for a first-time installer that is replacing the transition, meter housing, and manifold.  We encourage you to go through a dealer. One of the biggest hurdles is replacing the transition. To reduce frustration and confusion, factory parts should remain in place until the customer has the replacement parts and are ready for install.

How do I order parts?

Parts can be ordered through your local John Deere dealer or online through A&I Products.

Catalog – Air Seeder Parts, LLC (Click on or search for the part in the Catalog, then click PURCHASE. You will be directed to A&I Product’s website.)

Directly through A&I Products at: A&I Products: Agricultural, Industrial & Turf Manufacturer & Distributor (aiproducts.com)

Contact for A&I Products regarding parts:

1-800-657-4343 or sales@aiproducts.com

Do your parts come with a warranty?

There is a one-year warranty on all products from Air Seeder Parts, LLC.