“I’ve always been a firm believer that no matter what the brand or color your equipment is, you should run whatever you can get good parts and support for that item. Daniel and Ashley have been some of the best customer service and supporters I have ever came across. Not only in the air seeder/planting industry, but just some of the best customer service I have experienced period.

During the 2021 planting season I had a small issue on a meter housing with fine seeds. Not only did the issue and my concerns get addressed over the phone, but Ashley and Daniel stopped by my place on a Sunday afternoon while vacationing in the Black Hills area and was able to witness and experience firsthand the very issue I was having. I can’t think of any other manufacturers in this industry address a small problem that I was having like these guys did! Daniel and Ashley go above and beyond to help take care of their customers!”

Shawn Barber – Barber Custom Ag, LLC. Owanka, South Dakota