Name: Artem Bolotin

Title: Mechanical Engineer

Start Date: December 1, 2022

Born & Raised: Sumy, Ukraine

Education: Master’s Degree – Agriculture Engineering / Sumy National Agrarian University

Past Employment: Prior to coming to Air Seeder Parts, LLC, Artem was employed by Nikolaisen, LLP headquartered in Egeland, ND.  Nikolaisen raises wheat, canola, soybeans, corn, barley, and pinto beans. Artem was a farm machinery operator when starting and eventually took on more mechanic work, maintaining and fixing equipment. His other duties included planting, field work, spraying, combining, running grain cart, running an excavator for tree removal, and anything else that needed to be done.

Artem’s interest in American farming began at an early age. After his second year in college, an opportunity took him on a year long internship at a livestock farm in Wisconsin. This was his first trip to the United States. He was only 19 years old at the time. It was a big commitment, but he wanted to learn the mechanization of a livestock farm – how they take care of their equipment and operate a farm in the United States. “I wanted to come to the United States to learn how things happen here compared to in Ukraine,” said Artem.  He returned to Ukraine to continue his education and returned once again to work on a grain farm. He also took some online classes during this stay, then returned to Sumy to finish school and test. 

Third Time’s a Charm: Artem’s third trip to the United States was for his job at the farm in Egeland, ND. In addition to working with Nikolaisen, LLP, Artem worked with Ukrainian farmers to find, inspect, negotiate pricing, and purchase John Deere equipment. “There is no John Deere Factory in Ukraine,” said Artem, “and everyone wants John Deere combines, sprayers, and planters.” After making an equipment purchase, Artem also arranged shipping from where purchased via trucking company, then overseas shipping to Ukraine. In the last 2 years, he has purchased and shipped many pieces of equipment for and to farmers in his home country from the US and Canada. Since Russia began the war, Ukrainian farmers purchasing equipment has decreased due to risk. Farms are working to get by with what they have until there is more stability in their country.

Air Seeder Parts Job Duties: Artem’s duties at Air Seeder Parts consist of designing and testing prototypes, 3D printing, engineering design in solid works, and meeting with the field engineers to discuss parts design, testing, adjustments, and finalizing parts prior to manufacturing.

Hobbies/Interests: When he’s not working, Artem likes outdoor activities, skiing, and anything related to farm machinery. 

Interesting Fact About Artem: Since he was a kid, Artem always loved farming. Being a part of the processes of raising and taking care of crops was something he always wanted to do. One thing that sparked his interest in traveling to and working in the United States was our good movies – like Star Wars, Transformers, and Home Alone.

Interesting Fact About Ukraine: The Russian invasion of Ukraine has resurfaced a decades-old question: Is the country called “Ukraine” or “the Ukraine”? “The Ukraine” was the way the Soviet Union referred to the area during Soviet rule. As an independent country, it is simply called “Ukraine.” There are only 2 countries that presently use the word “the” before their larger titles – The Bahamas and The Gambia.

What are you most excited about in your new position? “Since I’ve been working at the grain farm, I’ve been running the air seeder and have been facing the same issues that Air Seeder Parts, LLC have come upon. I’ve always had ideas on how to improve things. Now, I’m at a company that fixes these issues. I can bring my ideas to work, solve issues, make good products, and share the help with products with other farmers.”

Welcome, Artem! We are happy to have you here. 


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