At Air Seeder Parts, we offer a comprehensive range of CONTINU-RATE® Meter Rollers, each designed for specific application rates and compatible with various John Deere models. In this article, we will explore the different types of meter rollers we offer, their unique features, and the benefits they bring to your seeding operations.

Type of Meter Rollers We Offer:

  1. CONTINU-RATE® Meter Roller – WHITE: Very Low Rate

    Application Range: 1-10 lb./acre

    Ideal for canola, inoculants, and fine products with low application rates.

    Our white meter roller is an exclusive design by Air Seeder Parts. It applies at half the rate of John Deere’s lowest application rate roller—their yellow meter roller—setting a new standard.

    Check out Dan’s video on his canola field — planted at 2.6 lbs/acre using the White Meter Roller.

  2. CONTINU-RATE® Meter Roller – YELLOW: Low Rate

    Application Range: 10-20 lb./acre

    Ideal for flax, alfalfa, and similar applications.
  3. CONTINU-RATE® Meter Roller – BLACK: Medium Rate

    Application Range: 20-130 lb./acre

    Designed for use with wheat, barley, small soybeans, and medium-rate fertilizer.
  4. CONTINU-RATE® Meter Roller – GREEN: High Rate

    Application Range: 30-220 lb./acre

    Ideal for soybeans and high-rate fertilizer.
  5. CONTINU-RATE® Meter Roller – BLUE: Very High Rate

    Application Range: 50-265 lb./acre

    Perfect for large seeds, barley, oats, and high-rate fertilizer.
  6. CONTINU-RATE® Meter Roller – ORANGE: Large Seed Roller

    Application Range: 50-180 lb./acre

    Specifically designed for chickpeas, field peas, and large soybeans (not
    suitable for fertilizers).

    Compatible with John Deere SectionCommandTM only.

Benefits of CONTINU-RATE® Meter Rollers

The CONTINU-RATE® Meter Rollers offer significant advantages in seed placement and overall performance

  1. Steady and Continual Product Flow: The spiraled design of the rollers ensures a consistent and uninterrupted flow of product, eliminating pulsation and reducing disruptions during seeding.
  2. Even Seed Spacing: Each of the six-meter rollers has flutes with individually designed angles and depths, facilitating precise and even seed spacing. This feature reduces product waste and minimizes seed breakage.
  3. Compatibility with John Deere Models: The CONTINU-RATE® Meter Rollers are compatible with John Deere 1900, 1910, C650, and C850 models, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing equipment.
  4. Reduction of Over-Applying and Seed Slippage: The innovative CONTINU-RATE® METER ROLLER – WHITE offers a very low-rate solution. By using the white meter roller, you can significantly reduce over-applying and seed slippage, improving overall efficiency.

With the CONTINU-RATE® Meter Rollers from Air Seeder Parts, you can achieve accurate and consistent seed distribution while minimizing disruptions.

Explore our range of meter rollers designed for different application rates and experience enhanced efficiency in your farming practices. Upgrade your John Deere equipment with CONTINU-RATE® Meter Rollers and take your seeding operations to the next level.