Name: Griffin Robertson

Hometown: Pine Bush, NY

School: University of North Dakota

Year: Junior

Field of Study: Mechanical Engineering

Q: Why did you choose University of North Dakota and Mechanical Engineering?

A: I came to UND to study aviation. I decided that the hours of a commercial pilot weren’t for me. I changed my major to Mechanical Engineering because it always interested me. I like engines and cars – anything with wheels and tires. I like physics and math, which steered me toward engineering. 

Q: What type of work will you look for following graduation?

A: Something to do with 4 wheels – Car or Off-Road Industry.  I’d like to stay in the Midwest, not necessarily North Dakota.

Q: How did you hear about the internship? 

A: I found the internship post on Indeed. I completed an application and had an interview, which was good experience in itself. 

Q: What are the details of your internship? 

A: My internship is a full semester. I work full time, Monday-Friday and receive 2 credits. 

Q: What do you like about Air Seeder Parts, LLC?

A: My position at Air Seeder Parts, LLC allows me experience in all aspects of mechanical engineering from designing to seeing and assembling a final product. 

Q: What surprises you most about being in the workforce?

A: Even though I still have a lot of technical classes to take, I feel comfortable with my engineering knowledge and what I’ve learned so far.

Q: Do you feel your experience from Air Seeder Parts is beneficial?

A: Yes. This internship has allowed me to see all aspects of engineering process to help determine whether I have more interest in becoming a design engineer or manufacturing engineer.   

Q: If asked, what would you tell classmates about your internship?

A: I have had a great experience and it has been very beneficial to work here. We have 3D printers at school, but are not able to access them to change settings, etc.  This is much more hands on and it’s pretty cool to have a high-end resin printer to work with. 

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A: I like that Air Seeder Parts is a small company. I get to experience all aspects of a position and receive an overview of everything. I’m able to work with every department within the company as well as the manufacturers that produce our parts.  There is equipment right on site, so I can see how the end-user utilizes what we design and create for them. I’m grateful for the support I get from co-workers. The best part is that you are not constrained in what you do, yet there is guidance when needed. 

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