Scott Hoy recently joined Air Seeder Parts Engineering Department. Scott is a Design Engineer from Spencer, Iowa. He began his employment at Air Seeder Parts on June 1st.

About Scott:

Education: Iowa State University / Bachelor of Science – Industrial Technology  

Past Employment: Iowa State Seed Science Center, Conditioning Department

Air Seeder Parts Job Duties: General design, and optimization of sheet steel, and plastic parts for manufacturing. Use of rapid prototype technologies to further developments within the design and manufacturing process. Basic fabrication, and troubleshooting, as well as ordering materials to maintain prototyping abilities.

 Hobbies/Interests: 3D printing, Vintage Motorcycles, General Fabrication

One (or more) interesting facts about Scott:

Scott started work at a computer store, then moved to a tractor carburetor shop, and finally the Seed Conditioning department of Iowa State. He grew up working on 1970s motorcycles and vehicles – cool!

During high school, Scott built a couple of prototype 3D printers for personal projects.

For about 2 weeks Scott held a “world record”, was part of a team of 4 that assembled a John Deere M Tractor from bare engine and transmission to running and driving in around 30 mins. (He was meant for this position!)

Hey Scott – What are you most excited about in your new position? Overall, I’m looking forward to getting into a project and running with it. Excited to join the team here at Air Seeder Parts.

Other: Scott drinks coffee like a fish.

(Do fish drink coffee? Maybe those ones with the bulging eyes.)

Welcome Scott! We are excited to have you on our team.